Slack meets Swarm A.I.

UNU amplifies the intelligence of teams using Swarm A.I. technology. This empowers any group on Slack to make more accurate predictions, forecasts, and decisions. The process is fast, easy, and fun. Want to join the Beta? Sign up here! 

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Want to try UNU for Slack? Just drop us a line and we’ll get you started on the UNU for Slack beta. Installing UNU for Slack takes just a few quick minutes. With one simple Slack command, you'll be amplifying the intelligence of your team using the power of Swarm A.I. technology. 

Want to learn more about the power of Swarm A.I.? We've got you covered. These academic papers were published by researchers at Oxford University in partnership with Unanimous A.I.

CROWDS vs. SWARMS: A Comparison of Intelligence

Amplifying Prediction Accuracy Using Swarm A.I.

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Thousands of teams use Slack every day to make team communication easier. Now UNU can help make those same teams smarter. 

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